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About Me


Dr. Tonya Alston-Sutton

Greetings! I'm Tonya, an Educational Consultant. I've had over four decades of experience in the educational field, administration, teaching, coaching and mentoring for administrators, teachers, parents and community members

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The goal and mission of Teaching All Students (TAS) provides services in the targeted markets to enrich and promote the brilliance of recipients. The recipients are youth and adults who will demonstrate a greater understanding of cultural differences and promote achievement and success for all. Innovative proven methods for professional learning based on research and effective practices to effectuate change.

Services Offered

What I Do

My Skills

  • School and classroom planning activities
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Pedagogy and skills development
  • SWD's, CTT, Social Emotional Learning

My Services

  • Mentoring
  • Professional Learning Sessions
  • Leadership development
  • Support for administrators, teachers, parents and community members
  • In-class and virtual support and conferencing
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Intentional Purpose

I'm Tonya, and I'm passionate about educational achievements for All

Wanting to share my experiences and expertise, I decided to start my own consulting business to offer services promoting the brilliance in students and leadership development for educators and others.

I believe that educators at every level should have access to meaningful and authentic support to achieve their goals.

Together, let's make your business thrive.

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Service to Others

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Consultations occur with Administrators, Directors, teachers, and employees who will enhance and deepen school and site based educational instructional practices. Outcomes are to enhance educational change as well as to support and promote academic and cultural aspects and achievement.

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I've worked with various, schools, school districts and daycare child development centers over the years.

New York City Department of Education

New York City Charter Schools

New York City Day Cares

School Evaluator

She provides an approach to teaching practices that is informative and authentic to learning for students and educators


Advancing educational leadership is key to the professional and personal development of all educators


Offers strategies for practical teaching practices to meet my goals. Great support and mentoring!

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Providing best practices to enlighten, engage, empower and energize educators and students .

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The collaborative design model for professional learning provides support in implementing, performance-based activities with collegial circles, workshops, observations, and actionable feedback. Consultations support site and school-based plans for improved student outcomes.

The target audiences are Educators, Early childhood development Directors, childcare providers, businesses, community agencies who seek to promote the intellectual geniuses of children.


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